Forehead Augmentation

Atlanta Surgical Arts offers forehead augmentation to individuals living throughout the Atlanta area, including residents of Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Dunwoody, Alpharetta, Roswell, Johns Creek, Marietta, and Brookhaven, GA. We also have treated many patients from other states outside of Georgia.
Forehead Augmentation

What is a forehead augmentation?

Foreheads are a critical feature of the face as they take up nearly a third of one’s facial surface. Due to birth defects or traumatic accidents, the foreheads shape can be compromised. Luckily, there are several ways to remedy an imperfect forehead through skilled forehead augmentation.

Forehead augmentation helps redefine your forehead’s shape to both relieve form issues in tilted, flat, and protruding foreheads, as well as the aesthetic issues caused by narrow or wide foreheads. Forehead augmentation allows you to achieve a full and natural look that fits your face and provides beautiful, long term results.

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Types of Forehead Augmentation

Forehead augmentation helps treat several issues, including brow protrusion, flat, titled, and hollow foreheads, as well as overly wide and narrow foreheads. Depending each individual patient’s preference, several choices materials are available for augmentation.  Currently, we offer various fillers, bone cements such as polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and calcium phosphate (BoneSource/Hydroset), and autogenous fat transfer.  Dr. Huynh will discuss these options with you in details to determine the best option to suit your needs.  See the example photos below and see if one of our forehead augmentations is right for you!

Brow Protrusion

Dr. C. Carson Huynh can fix a protruding brow by raising the nose and lifting the forehead area above the brows.

Flat Forehead

Dr. C. Carson Huynh can provide a more plump forehead by transferring fat evenly onto the entire forehead.

Tilted Forehead

Dr. C. Carson Huynh can create a more rounded, balanced looking forehead by transferring fat or injecting filler to the upper forehead.

Hollow Forehead

Dr. C. Carson Huynh can correct hollow regions by design and fat grafting, injection of fillers or bone cement such as PMMA or calcium phosphate.

Wide Forehead

Dr. C. Carson Huynh can aide a wide forehead by creating a difference in volume of the center and surrounding areas of the forehead.

Narrow Forehead

Dr. C. Carson Huynh can aide a narrow forehead by evening volume across the entire forehead.

Forehead Augmentation Benefits

A renewed sense of self-confidence and happiness with one’s physical appearance. A more natural looking forehead to solve your individual problem

Dr. C. Carson Huynh is one of only a handful of surgeons in the country who holds dual-doctorate degrees in the practices of maxillofacial and facial aesthetic plastic surgery. Understanding that each patient has unique requirements and desires, Dr. Huynh uses his top-tier skills and services to help improve the lives of people from in and around Atlanta and Sandy Springs. Besides performing popular facial procedures such as facelift  and rhinoplasty , Dr. Huynh specializes in performing facial contouring surgery and facial rejuvenation. If you are looking for self-improvement in the form of facial plastic surgery, Asian plastic surgery, Korean plastic surgery, ethnic plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, or  facial contouring surgery, then Dr. Huynh and his professional team will accommodate your needs. Please contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!

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