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Do You Need Botox®?

Botox, Atlanta Surgical Arts, Atlanta, GAThese days just about everyone has heard about Botox®, and with good reason since a good Botox® strategy can help you transform your appearance into a more smooth-looking complexion, eliminating many of the tell-tale signs of aging. But sometimes people only talk about the effects that they associate with Botox®, without really understanding its underlying effectiveness, how it works, and really who will best benefit from Botox® treatments.

Let’s start with the problem, which is wrinkles that appear on your skin due to repetitive muscle motion. Think about your forehead, where wrinkles appear, take shape, and then leave their mark in large part due to the precise activity of underlying musculature which controls the contraction of the skin on your face. Over the years, as your facial expressions have communicated a full range of emotions, they have also left the trace marks of those emotions in the wrinkles that you may now see on your face. Wrinkles like these are made anew again each day, as muscle habits recreate these patterns of impression in your skin with every facial expression.

Botox® works by injecting a substance called Botulinum toxin type A through a fine needle injection that acts to relax the underlying muscle. With the underlying muscle not contracting according to its habitual responses to your nervous system, Botox® is able to achieve its skin smoothing results. Botox® really gets to the root cause of the problem, which in the case of certain specific types of wrinkles isn’t just lax skin, but rather underlying musculature that sculpts wrinkle shapes in your skin.

But there’s more to Botox® then just an “inject it and forget it” strategy. You really need to work with a skilled practitioner who you can trust to achieve the precise look you are seeking to attain. While some patients may desire it, on occasion, you may have seen someone with a “frozen” or glassy look that can make an individual look unnatural. Ultimately, Botox® is injected through fine needle injections, targeted directly at the muscles that cause age-related wrinkles, but a truly skilled physician such as Dr. Huynh can help you achieve the exact degree of muscle relaxation that you desire so you can achieve a truly natural look that is just right for you.

Botox® won’t help you with folds in your skin or other structural issues that may require surgical treatments to address. But for fine lines and wrinkles, Botox® can be ideal. Your best bet is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Huynh, who will give you a personalized Botox® treatment strategy at Atlanta Surgical Arts so that on an individual basis he can assess your needs and goals. Dr. Huynh sees the most significant improvement from Botox® in smoothing and relaxing the look of wrinkles and fine lines and he notes that Botox® is particularly effective in areas such as crow’s feet, creases on the brow, and wrinkles between your brow.

Written by Atlanta Surgical Arts

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