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When Injectables Are Not Enough

Facial Plastic Surgery, Atlanta Surgical Arts, Atlanta, GAMother Nature and Father Time seem to work hand-in-hand to bring about the effects of aging that we tend to see on our face every time we glance in the mirror as we get older. And one of the great solutions to the scourge of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other cosmetic issues is the increasingly broad range of sophisticated solutions that you can find to these aesthetic issues from injectables and dermal fillers. Often as much as not, a brief visit with Dr. Huynh and Atlanta Surgical Arts can result in a smoother countenance and a more youthful complexion thanks to our injectables offerings, which include not only Botox® but also Juvederm®, Voluma™ and Belotero®.

Sometimes injectables are not enough to really help you achieve a more youthful look, however, and you may need more than just injectables to get the look you want, depending on your skin type and your aesthetic desires. You may also be someone who really wants a more permanent solution than injectables are able to offer. Remember, most injectables have a time limit on their duration, generally a few months, although some are a bit longer than that. If you want to make a change that lasts, then you may have to consider treatment approaches other than injectables.

One of the most important factors in determining how effective injectables might be for you is facial structure. To really achieve a more youthful appearance, most injectables necessitate that you have certain requirements in terms of your underlying dermal structure and its tautness. For instance, if you have actual folds of skin on your face, not just fine lines and wrinkles, then you may need a different treatment strategy. Injectables will have relatively little impact on folds of skin in terms of reversing the effects of aging. Instead, surgical approaches such as a facelift may be worth considering to pull back the skin on your face, creating a taut and younger looking skin surface.

The other factor to take into consideration is permanence. Injectables can achieve a great amount for you, but at the end of the day, they only last so long. You can never get a permanent solution from most injectables. They are directed at the cosmetic indication of a problem, either relaxing an underlying muscle that is causing wrinkles to occur, or filling in the wrinkles themselves. Depending on your personality type, some people don’t mind the infrequent trips that are necessary to have your injectables renewed once their effectiveness is dissipated with time. But some individuals would just like to solve the problem once and for all and move on. If that sounds like you, then schedule a consultation to speak with Dr. Huynh, to learn about some of the more permanent solutions that can help you get and keep the look you want, without the necessity of repeated injections.

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