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What You Need to Know About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, Atlanta surgical Arts, Atlanta. GAWhat Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as nose surgery or a nose job, is a type of surgery that changes the shape of the nose by modifying the bone or cartilage. It is one of the most common types of plastic surgery.

Why Do Patients Undergo Rhinoplasty?

People undergo rhinoplasty for these reasons:

  1. To correct a birth defect.
  2. To correct breathing problems.
  3. To repair their nose after an injury.
  4. To improve or change the appearance of their nose.

What Are The Benefits Of Rhinoplasty To The Patients?

Generally, patients who undergo rhinoplasty reap the following benefits:

  1. Helps you sleep better.
  2. Restores facial symmetry (in cases of injuries).
  3. Improves physical appearance.
  4. Improves function of the nose (no more nasal discomfort).
  5. Improves overall mood and lifestyle (may help boost one’s self-confidence).

How Is Rhinoplasty Done?

There are two different rhinoplasty procedures, “closed” and “open”. In “closed” rhinoplasty, Dr. Huynh makes an incision inside the nostrils. In “open” rhinoplasty, an incision is made along the columella, the vertical strip of tissue separating the nostrils, as well as within the nostrils. Dr. Huynh works through the incisions to sculpt and reshape the bone and cartilage to achieve the desired result. After this, the skin and soft tissues are redraped over the surface.

Dr. Huynh may place a plastic or metal splint in your nose after surgery. The purpose of which is to help your nose retain its shape while healing. He may also put nasal packs or splints inside your nostrils to stabilize your septum.

How Long Will Recovery Take After Undergoing Rhinoplasty?

After surgery, you will stay in the recovery room for a few hours so that healthcare staff can monitor you. You can go home later that day if everything is all right. However, you need to have someone else drive you home since you will be affected by the anesthesia.

You will be instructed to rest your head elevated above your chest. This will help reduce bleeding and swelling. If your stitches are absorbable, they will dissolve. If not, you’ll have to go back to Dr. Huynh after a week, to have your stitches removed, along with the splints and dressings.

You will be instructed to avoid doing the following a few weeks after surgery:

  1. Blowing your nose
  2. Excessive chewing
  3. Facial expressions that require lots of movement such as laughing or grinning
  4. Pulling clothes over your head
  5. Putting eyeglasses on your nose
  6. Vigorous brushing of your teeth
  7. Running and other strenuous physical activities
  8. Swimming
  9. Too much sun exposure as this may permanently discolor the skin around your nose

The benefits of rhinoplasty depend on the kind of surgery you need and your desired outcome. Bear in mind, however, that you must have realistic expectations. It is important that you and Dr. Huynh agree on the goals of the surgery.

Undergoing rhinoplasty can change your life drastically. It is, therefore, important that you consult the best plastic surgeon in the business.

Dr. C. Carson Huynh is one of few surgeons in the country who holds dual-doctorate degrees in the practices of maxillofacial and facial aesthetic plastic surgery. He uses his expertise and services to help improve the lives of people from in and around Atlanta and Sandy Springs. He understands that each patient has unique requirements and desires and takes the time to discuss everything about the procedure with each one.

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