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Feminization Procedures of the Upper Face

Facial Feminization Surgery, Atlanta Surgical Arts, Atlanta, GAFacial Feminization Surgery (FFS) consists of multiple reconstructive procedures that are often divided among the upper and lower portions of the face. These procedures are usually desired by those seeking a more feminine face and overall softer look. Feminization procedures of the upper face typically include one or more of the following: brow lifts, hairline advancement and cheek augmentation.

Brow Lifts

A brow lift is a very common cosmetic surgery procedure — especially with facial feminization surgery in mind. A brow lift literally consists of lifting the skin of the entire forehead, repositioning the eyebrow higher. This procedure is known to restore a more youthful look and it is considered to be one of the most effective procedures in feminizing the upper face. It is often combined with hairline advancement, because the same incision can be used.

Hairline Advancement

A masculine hairline is typically described as square-shaped, due to temporal recession. In a male, there is usually about 7 cm from the brow to the hairline; however, in females, there is a shorter distance between the two upper facial areas. Since females have a more rounded hairline, the distance from brow to hairline is about 5 cm.

Using scalp advancement, patients seeking to feminize their facial features can advance their hairlines, lessening the space between the brow and the hairline — which is also known to take years off one’s appearance.

Cheek Augmentation

The shape of the cheeks is not gender-specific; however, feminine beauty is often associated with high, prominent cheekbones. Therefore, those seeking an overall more feminine appearance will be more inclined to have their cheeks augmented.

Females generally have fuller cheeks and their cheekbones appear to protrude more than in males. Men’s faces tend to be squarer because their cheekbones are flatter and their chins are more angular. For these reasons, cheek augmentation is often desired by males seeking to feminize their face. It is one of the top procedures requested in regards to facial feminization surgery.

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