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  • Rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty is a nose reshaping surgical procedure which enhances the nose aesthetic appearance and often can also improve breathing function.  The procedure can be performed via a “closed” or “open” method.  Closed rhinoplasty is limited to when only minor changes to the nose are needed, such as removing a small hump.  Open rhinoplasty is more widely used for complex noses or revisions, alllowing the surgeon to make greater changes such as removing a large hump, correcting a crooked nose, or enhancing the tip.  Dr. Carson Huynh is experienced in modern rhinoplasty techniques, including using patient’s own ear or rib cartilage for best results in Asian and African-American noses.

  • Facelift

    A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, revitalizes your appearance by removing saggy skin and tightening the muscles and fad pads of your face and neck. This surgery diminishes wrinkles and eliminates sagging caused by age, sun exposure, and simple genetics.  Dr. Carson Huynh is fellowship-trained in performing the Extended Multiplanar, Multivector Facelift (EMMF), an advanced deep-plane facelift technique.  This natural, long lasting result facelift technique is performed by only a handful number of highly skilled and experience facelift surgeons.  After a deep-plane facelift, many patients feel like they look 10 to 15 years younger.                                                                                                   

  • Facial Feminization Surgery

    Facial Feminization Surgery, or FFS, is a highly specialized area of cosmetic surgery designed to transform a face with strong, masculine features into softer, more feminine look.  Many transgender women experience a great deal of social anxiety and acceptance in their personal and professional settings, a condition known as gender dysphoria.  Facial Feminization Surgery can help a trans woman openly expresses who she really is physically and builds confidence in her true gender identity.  Because FFS also enhances facial beauty, these procedures are increasingly becoming more desired by non-transgender women as well.                                                                                                                                     


Dr Carson is extremely meticulous and professional and I highly recommend him. He listens to your needs and gives you his opinion for your best outcome. I am so pleased with the fresh appearance I have from his use of fillers. He has a variety of filler options and his techniques are FAR superior to other doctors I’ve been to. I am not savvy enough to technically explain the difference but he uses a very small cannula to pinpoint exactly where it is needed to get a more youthful appearance. People often tell me they think I’m 10-12 years younger than I am. I have Dr Carson to thank for that!

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Double board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Carson Huynh and his staff are dedicated to help you make your desired cosmetic transformation a reality. Through a detailed personal consultation, Dr. Carson Huynh will help you find the best solutions for your unique needs.  The aesthetic team at Atlanta Surgical Arts provides a wide spectrum of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to suit your individual preference.  They take pride in helping you looking your best and feeling more confident and are committed to the highest standards in aesthetic medicine.  Schedule your visit today and see why Dr. Huynh and his team were named Best of Atlanta by The Atlantan magazine!

Due to high demand for Dr. Carson Huynh’s expertise in facial plastic surgery and facial feminization, he now offers services in Atlanta and New York City!

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