Do You Need Botox®?

These days just about everyone has heard about Botox®, and with good reason since a good Botox® strategy can help you transform your appearance into a more smooth-looking complexion, eliminating many of the tell-tale signs of aging. But sometimes people…

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When Injectables Are Not Enough

Mother Nature and Father Time seem to work hand-in-hand to bring about the effects of aging that we tend to see on our face every time we glance in the mirror as we get older. And one of the great…

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Top 3 Cosmetic Procedures for Men

In the past, the majority of cosmetic procedures were performed on women. These days, women still comprise the majority of our patients; however, we are nonetheless seeing a huge increase in the number of men who are seeking plastic surgery….

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Atlanta Botox Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation is something many men and women seek out today and there are more ways than ever before to achieve it from creams to surgical treatment. One of the most popular minimally invasive options is through BOTOX Injections. Botox’s…

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Atlanta Botox

These days facial rejuvenation options are more numerous than ever. The invasive surgical procedure of a Face Lift is one of the most well known facial rejuvenation procedures, but there are a less invasive options available. While Face Lifts are…

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Your Atlanta Botox Questions Answered!

Who would have known that Botox will certainly come a long way since it was approved by FDA for cosmetic use back in 2002? For exactly a decade now, this product has been dubbed the elixir of youth for anyone…

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