Stars Who Have Had Facial Plastic Surgery

If you’ve ever glanced at the tabloids while you waited in line at the supermarket, then you probably have heard or read about stars who’ve had facial plastic surgery, or even injectables. It’s a fact of life when your face…

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Feminization Procedures of the Lower Face

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) consists of various reconstructive surgical procedures that can lead to a softened, more feminine appearance. The most common procedures involved in facial feminization can be divided into two separate categories: the upper face and the lower…

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Celebrity Look-Alike Surgery Influencing Patient Requests

It’s no secret that celebrities have a huge impact on cosmetic surgery trends. Rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and jawline procedures are continuously requested with specific celebrities in mind — especially in Atlanta, GA, which is quickly becoming the new Hollywood. With…

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The Skinny on Jaw Angle Reduction

Apart from the forehead and the eyes, facial symmetry and contour are also significant characteristics which define a woman’s beauty. Symmetry and contour are greatly influenced by the shape of one’s jaw. Wide and prominent jaw angles are often seen…

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