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Stars Who Have Had Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial Cosmetic Surgery and Celebrities, Atlanta Surgical Arts, Atlanta, GAIf you’ve ever glanced at the tabloids while you waited in line at the supermarket, then you probably have heard or read about stars who’ve had facial plastic surgery, or even injectables. It’s a fact of life when your face is your calling card, that maintaining and enhancing and rejuvenating your appearance is not only economically the right thing to do, but also allows a performer a fuller range of options in terms of roles stars may be eligible to play. Of course, discretion is the better part of valor and most stars try to be discrete about their appearance. But there’s no doubt that we can learn from the stars!

For instance, stars such as Kylie Jenner have stirred controversy on the show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, by confessing to having temporary lip fillers to enhance her lips for a fuller mouth.  While Uma Thurman has been seen with a very smooth forehead, which is rumored to be because of injectables, along with former “Friends” TV star Courtney Cox and possibly even superstar actress Nicole Kidman. And everyone’s favorite, Madonna, has been rumored to have had plastic surgery or injectables to help maintain her youthful edge.

In fact, it’s hard to find a star who hasn’t had some sort of work done. Cindy Crawford has said that she has used Botox®, and in Hollywood, as in the rest of America, men are increasingly willing to turn to the aesthetic experts to enhance their appearance. Simon Cowell of the “X-Factor” has been candid about his use of Botox® to maintain a more youthful and smooth facial appearance, and actor Mickey Rourke improved the appearance of his face after taking a break from acting to become a boxer. The legendary actor Michael Douglas even acknowledged that he had gotten a facelift 15 years ago.

So why have they chosen these changes? Well, the simple fact of the matter is that you can never look too good if you’re in the public eye, and while exercise, diet, yoga, meditation, cleanses and fasting all can contribute to a youthful appearance, sometimes you need a little extra edge in the beauty department. A smoother complexion and a more youthful looking face are achievable through treatments that you yourself can get with Dr. Huynh.

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