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  • Rhinoplasty

    If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, or simply looking for a subtle enhancement to the shape and size of your nose, a rhinoplasty can…

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  • Blepharoplasty

    If you are tired of suffering from droopy eyelids, persistent bags under your eyes, or wrinkles around your eyelid area, perhaps an eyelid lift..

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  • Botox & Skin Fillers

    Say goodbye to unsightly crow’s feet, frown lines or forehead wrinkles with Botox and look years younger with skin fillers Juvederm and Restylane..

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  • Facelift

    A facelift can take years off your appearance, making people wonder if you have found the secret to the fountain of youth. Facelifts..

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  • Face Contouring Surgery

    Get the look you’ve always wanted! As a facial contouring surgery specialist, Dr. Carson Huynh can help you achieve your goals…

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  • Facial Feminization Surgery

    Are you considering man or woman considering a life-changing transformation into the real you?  Dr. Carson Huynh is one of only a handful of specialists nationwide..

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Dr Carson is extremely meticulous and professional and I highly recommend him. He listens to your needs and gives you his opinion for your best outcome. I am so pleased with the fresh appearance I have from his use of fillers. He has a variety of filler options and his techniques are FAR superior to other doctors I’ve been to. I am not savvy enough to technically explain the difference but he uses a very small cannula to pinpoint exactly where it is needed to get a more youthful appearance. People often tell me they think I’m 10-12 years younger than I am. I have Dr Carson to thank for that!

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Facial Surgery & Aesthetics Center

Dr. Carson Huynh his staff at Atlanta Surgical Arts is dedicated to help you make your desired cosmetic transformation a reality. Through a detailed private consultation, Dr. Carson Huynh will help you find the best solutions for your unique needs.  We provide a wide spectrum of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to suit your individual preference.  At Atlanta Surgical Arts takes pride in helping you looking your best and feeling more confident.  We are committed to the highest standards in aesthetics and safety.  Visit us and see why we were named Best of Atlanta.

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